cooper u

I've taken two classes at Cooper U in San Francisco: Design Leadership (July 2013) and Visual Interface Design (January 2014). These classes built on my experiences with interaction design at Olin and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

The Design Leadership course was essentially about designing relationships at work. Most people at the class were already very knowledgeable about interaction design and how to do it, but have trouble convincing their work teams that spending time and money on design is worthwhile. We learned to treat our colleagues as users/consumers of the deliverables of our designs - how do we communicate our work to them so that they will understand its value?

Visual Interface Design was all about using the principles of interaction design on visual elements. When you're designing interactive tools, they can't just look pretty; they have to communicate to the users the information they need to know. To be effective, a visual design has to work well in its environment and present information clearly, efficiently, and effectively.