solar thermal pool calculator

I worked with the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program while at Energy Solutions from 2011 to 2015. The program provides incentives for home and business owners installing solar hot water heating systems in California. I worked on the design of the system that takes in all of the information about the solar thermal systems and calculates the rebate to the customer based on the energy savings of their personal system configuration.

CSI Thermal is a dynamic program that changes frequently to meet the demands of the market. We would receive directives several times a year from our clients, the California investor-owned utilities, and our regulator, the California Public Utilities Commission. We had to quickly adapt to these new requirements, which usually involved the execution of one or more software projects to update the system.

In early 2014, the CSI Thermal Program needed to start accepting incentive applications for commercial pool heating systems. I helped designed a new form from scratch to accept inputs related to pools, to work with an outside contractor to enhance the calculation tool to accept these inputs, and to make sure that none of this work interfered with the existing forms on the website. All of this had to be released to the public with a strict timeline mandated by law!

The Commercial Pools program has already generated over $10 million in applications, and projected savings of 1.5 million therms.

I wrote a blog post about software project management for the Energy Solutions website, featuring the calculator project.