event site reskins

One of my responsibilities at UBM is to drive the "reskinning" of event websites. The end result of a reskin is an updated version of the event site that uses a new look and feel, with minimal structural changes. A reskin project usually entails some combination of the following:

  • scheduling in the overall project around other projects the development and design teams are working on.
  • helping the marketing team kick off branding with the creative team.
  • getting buy-in on the new design from the marketing team.
  • making sure design assets are handed over to the developers on schedule.
  • vetting new content from marketing to make sure it is internally consistent with what is on the site.
  • helping developers remove any blockers.
  • making sure that everything is released on schedule with the marketers' expectations.

Websites I have worked on at UBM include: Game Developers Conference, Black Hat, GTEC, Enterprise Connect, Interop, Embedded Systems Conference, Designers of Things, ARM TechCon, and DesignCon