technical support

At Energy Solutions, I managed customer technical support for a family of websites administering energy efficiency rebate programs for utilities in CA and the Northwest (affectionately referred to as "Efficient Rebates"). Over 75 individual programs are served by these websites, and they represent the majority of energy-savings programs in California, with over $450 million in rebates over the past ten years. As the Efficient Rebates support team lead, I coordinated team scheduling, assisted in documentation, and managed the day-to-day ticket queue. 

I led a major initiative in 2014 to switch the team ticketing system from Trac to Freshdesk. This involved extensive requirements gathering with multiple stakeholders, process definition and improvement, and both group and individual training.

Date: Summer 2011 - Summer 2015
Client: California Utilities
Role: Support Team Lead
Tags: support, video, web